Danilo Stankovic

c o m p o s e r

Danilo Stankovic is a composer, arranger, and orchestrator based in Vienna, Austria, and working internationally. His compositions can be heard in short films, advertisements for radio and television, internet promotions and arrangements for vocal artists.


2018 - Burgan Bank - music for TV commercial and youtube campaign, Kuwait

2018 - Pier 1 Imports - music for TV commercial "Pillow Play", USA

2017 - Oracle - music for Oracle OpenWorld 2017 web campaign, USA

2017 - Toyota - music for in-cinema advertising, USA

2017 - Nintendo - music for TV and internet advertising, USA

2017 - Microsoft - music for Evoke App, USA

2016 - Toyota - music for TV and app commercial, USA

2016 - Angel Soft - music for video campaigns, USA

2015 - Cigna Health Insurance - music for two spots, USA

2015 - Home Depot - corporate music, USA

2015 - Pieces by Farah - music for image film, Kuwait

2015 - Choice Hotels - music for web video, USA

2015 - National Bank of Kuwait - music and arrangements for several TV commercials, Kuwait

2015 - Secret - music for online video campaign, USA

2014 - Sebastian Professional - 'Amazing can happen anywhere', music for video promo, P&G, Los Angeles, USA

2014 MasterCard 'Love Letters' music for video commercialMcCANN, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, USA

2014 - Speedo – music for TV Spot , USA

2013 Carl's Jr./Hardees - 'Topped Off' music for TV Spot, 72andSunnyUSA, MexicoCanada

2013 MasterCard - 'Chatterbox' music for TV Spot, McCANN, New York, USA

2013 MasterCard - 'Love Letters' music for video commercial, McCANN, New YorkUSA

2013 Dove - 'men+care Mission:Care' music for web video commercial, Davie BrownUSA

2013 Nationwide - radio commercial for insurance company, McKinneyUSA

2013 S&D European Parliament music for promo video 'S&D', Brussel, Belgium

2013 S&D European Parliament music for promo video 'Relaunching Europe', Brussel, Belgium

2013 S&D European Parliament music for promo video 'Fête des Soliradités', Brussel, Belgium

2010 Saft-Bar - award winning two cinema commercials by Christof Pilsl, Germany


2018 - Fastest Car - additional music for original Netflix show, Season 1 Episode 3, USA

2015 - Chef's Table - additional music for original Netflix Docu-Series by David Gelb, Season 1 Episode 2, USA


2017 - The Final Year - trailer music for documentary movie featuring Barack Obama directed by Greg Barker, USA

2014 - Blemished Light - trailer music for feature movie by Raj Amit Kumar, India, USA

Short films

2015 - Mind Bender - music featured in award winning short movie by John Rees, Dubai, UAE

2012 Vom Durchhalten opening theme for short movie by Christof Pilsl, Germany

2011 Winterburg short movie by Christof Pilsl, Germany

2009 Magisches Denken short movie by Henneke Holst, Germany

2009 - Dienst ist Dienst short movie by Christof Pilsl and Max Christmann, Germany

2008 "ESC" - award winning short movie directed by Christof Pilsl, Germany

Concert Music

2012 Ira - for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Piano, Vienna, Austria

2012 - The Beginning of the End | Score - for Full Orchestra, Vienna, Austria

2011 - String Quartett Nr.2, Vienna, Austria

2011 - Winterburg - for Piano, Vienna, Austria

2010 - Memorable | Score - for Full Orchestra, Vienna, Austria

2007 - Into the Darkness - for Electronics, Vienna, Austria

2006 - 6 Kleine Stücke für Violine und Klavier, Vienna, Austria

2005 - Aufmarsch/Kampf - for 2 Trumpets, 2 T. Trombones, Bass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone, Vienna, Austria

2005 - Sonnenuntergang - for Piano, Vienna, Austria

2005 - The Morning Mood | Jazz - for Trumpet, Tenor and Bass Trombone, Rhodes, Piano, Double bass, Drums, Vienna, Austria


2013 Panoroma TV signature theme, OKTO TV, Vienna, Austria

2012 Ease into 5k music for podcast by Bluefin Software LLC, USA

2011 The Immigrant piano transcription and arrangement, Brisbane, Australia

2008 c25k sound design for iPhone app by Bluefin Software LLC, USA


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